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  • UNIPACKER ™ is an innovative development of the Ukam-Group. A robotic system for forming packaging, transporting and placing products in a box is implemented on the basis of delta robots, the number of which depends on the task and the required performance, which makes the system as flexible and efficient as possible.
  • Stable unit packing specification
  • Lack of human factor
  • Minimum OPEX
  • Space saving
  • UKAM-DESIGN is a symbiosis of innovative technical solutions that combine various automatic devices and software tools into a single technological complex
  • High speed, quality and reliability
  • Food safety

Each system undergoes rigorous and mandatory testing. We provide a complete service for our equipment. Our experienced technicians in the shortest possible time will carry out installation supervision and commissioning, train staff and promptly solve all your problems with warranty service and supply of spare parts.

Since all systems are individual, each system is developed on the basis of the customer's technical specifications and confirmed with the manufacturer. For a preliminary calculation, you can fill out a questionnaire and send it to our address.

Standard complete set:

  • Box forming and transportation system
  • Conveyor system for product feeding, packing, outlet areas
  • Robotic system (s)
  • Gluing system
  • Remote Control
  • Automated process control system
  • UKAM-soft - providing automation and control of technological processes at industrial enterprises, means of processing and archiving information, integration with ERP systems, control of manufactured products
  • UKAM-electrical is a distributed control system in accordance with the EIC and international energy saving standards. Provision of automation and control of technological equipment

Optional equipment:

  • metal detector
  • weighing station
  • technical vision
  • rejection unit
  • labeling system
  • palletizing conveyor system